Squealers Squealed

So today I went to go get my PO box mail and on the way back I heard girls squeal. 

There was a movie shoot in this little park by the W4th Street station. So instead of hopping on the subway and heading home I decided to get an ice cream cone and check out the boring spectacle that is movie making. I've seen a bunch of movies being shot around Manhattan. I remember watching the famous Reiner flop 'North' being shot in Grand Central. I saw the set of One Fine Day with Clooney. Some Freddie Prinze Jr. thing.  Die Hard 3 something or other. Little Nicky with Adam Sandler. It's always totally exciting to see the lights and cameras (especially at night) but once you stop to actually watch it becomes boring real fast. Usually there are no stars around. Just dickish guys with headsets telling you to stand 'behind the line'. And chicks walking around with clipboards all jazzed. And annoyed techies carrying cable. It's rare that you see some action or stars.

But today was different. It was cool because I could see that it wasn't a standaround thing. That there was real filming going on. A good sized crowd was watching. And the girls were squealing. So I ate on my ice cream cone and inched up to see who it be that makes the squealers squeal.  I could see the squealee was an actor in a cop uniform doing whatever. His back was to me. When the director guy yelled, 'Cut!' The cop actor turned around and I saw who it was. The squealers squealed loudly which was highlighted by one girl practically screaming 'That's Jimmy Freaking Fallon'!  Other teenies chimed in with squeals and asking each other 'Is it really him? It's him! It's him!' A doubledecker bus drove by and the cameras clicked all crazy.

A tourist couple (swedes maybe) standing next to me asked me, 'Who is it?' I said, 'Jimmy Fallon....' They nodded. Then asked me, 'He is from the movies?' I said, 'Nope he's from TV...' They nodded again and then sort of disappointedly shrugged wandered off. I followed them away leaving the Fallon to the squealers.

ok bye!