Bad Supermarket Outing

I just got back from the supermarket and i'm a frickin bad mood and everything went all annoying so if there are some grammatical errors or whatever i'm just gonna write this straight through and not look back because i'm annoyed.

First off I forgot my walkman and I like supermarket shopping with my walkman so I was bummed that I didn't have it. Then when I got to the supermarket I had a bad 'getting the cart' experience. I go to pull cart out of the thing of carts but it's stuck in so I have to hold the other cart with one hand and pull on the cart I want. I finally get it out of there and this woman is like standing directly behind me like she was on line to get a cart. Like I was going to go forward or whatever and I gave her a look like 'Hey I'm backing out... with the cart... that's how this works.' And she shot me like an annoyed look. And I was outraged by her look because she was standing like right behind me waiting to get a cart!

Then I zoom off with my cart and of course the wheel is totally messed up and I'm gonna have to fight the thing the whole way because once I pick a cart I feel like it's the luck of the draw and you're stuck with it. No trading back. The supermarket is like a mobscene because it's like 6PM so I'm annoyed by the crowd.

The supermarkets in NYC have really thin aisles cause they're short on space and my local one 'MET' is no exception. The exception there is the stockboys seem to ignore the fact that there are customers in the store sometimes and they'll literally stack boxes in an aisle like blocking it off to the point where you have to hook a u-ey with your friggin cart and go back the other way. Fortunately no aisles were blocked this time but it's always a zig zag to get thru the aisles causes there are so many boxes.

Somehow I got on this pattern with this dude. We were like shopping at the same speed in opposite directions so whenever I started on an aisle he was starting at the other end. Like we were playing supermarket chicken. And because of the zigzagging with the boxes we always had issues when we met in the middle. One of us always had to back up or pull over. The first couple times I was nice about it and pulled over for him but on the third aisle it was his friggin turn to pull over! but he didn't pull over so we were like at a standoff. And the next aisle and the next never once did he give me the right of way that I frickin earned by being generous on the other aisles.

Then in the last aisle by the dairy I parked me cart at the end and started collecting stuff and when I headed back I saw this woman move my cart away from where it was which is fine except she pushed it in a way where she like let it go. And it like drifted on its own a little ways before stopping by hitting something (of course swerving to the left cause the wheel was fukt). But I was like 'Hey lady! show my cart a little respect! You don't like push it that way! Letting it drift and crash! You move it aside'

That was it. Checkout was a long line and alot of the scans didn't go thru so she had to keep asking the manager guy or whoever how much for this and that and he kept yelling back answers obviously making them up because it was all random stuff and he never hesitated once before throwing out $2.79! $4.99! yeah right..

whatever. uch. but I'm home and I home safe and happy to have vented here even tho i just remembered i forgot to buy mustard.

ok bye!