Belted Robe Shame

So today I woke up kind of late (well not really I did wake up early but then went back to sleep so officially I got up late) and I put on my robe and went to put on some coffee. Then I go to pee and I'm standing there going and my robe tie swings out infront of my pee stream. I saw it happening but reflexes are shaky when you're peeing (because a split second jolty reaction could somehow cause you to pee all over the place or something) so that momentary lapse of reaction time caused me to pee on my robe tie for a sec.  I was like NOOOOO!!!!

So I washed it off and hung it on the door knob. My robe needs to get washed anyway so maybe it was a sign. Anyway, it's chilly today but instead of putting on a sweatshirt or whatever I just grabbed a regular brown belt that was hanging over the arm of my couch and put it on to replace the robe tie. It worked pretty well actually.

I sat down at my computer to do whatever for a while then the buzzer rang. It was the UPS guy. I headed downstairs in my robe to get whatever- totally forgetting that I was wearing a robe with a brown belt. I opened the door and said 'Hey, how ya doin?' The UPS guy took at gander at my getup and hesitated for a sec then said, '...fine.'

I looked down and saw what I was wearing and felt shame.

ok bye!