Danger Shelves

So I kind of have alot of books in my apartment. After managing a bookstore for a year or so and working in book publishing for five years you kind of end up with alot of books by work related osmosis.  Anyway I don't really have the shelf space for all the books so I made do with the shelving I have. Including this one:

You may notice that these flimsy shelves holding a ton of books are directly over my couch. When people come over and hang out I usually sit across from the couch and always point out how dangerous it looks. They look up and it looks especially dangerous from that angle. See?:

...and they feel nervous a little. Last time my dad was here he asked me if I thought stacking books that way was smart. I reassured him that before I stacked books like crazy I hung on the shelves with my weight to test them out so...  So... um.. I guess the answer there is no.

It's the sort of thing that's funny until the books fall down on somebody's head and cause a concussion and/or bruise and/or unconsciousness.. But I kind of visualized how the shelving collapse would happen and decided that the books will actually slidespill forward actually falling over the couch and person and landing on the floor at their feet. Then I realized that theory was based on nothing.

Also after a year and a half  the shelves haven't collapsed yet so there's a side of me that thinks that they're probably pretty sturdy. The brackets seem strong and the screws go deep. I realize that I'm basing this theory on nothing as well considering I didn't put the shelves up nor know anything about shelves. If I had put up the shelves someone would have been injured a long time ago. Or probably not because if it was up to me to put the shelves up the books would still be in boxes and I'd have a pile of brackets and twobyfours stacked in the corner. SO anyway, that's the story of the shelves of danger. They'll no longer be dangerous after today.

ok bye!


PS. Oh! while I had the camera out I took a picture of my new hermit crab. By your voting he is now officially 'Hector Macho Cra-macho'.  He seems to get along ok with Gene Gene.

Here Hector be:

bye again.