Guilty by Subscription

I get two magazines for free. I'm not sure why or how but like once every couple weeks I get Men's Fitness magazine and Computer Games magazine. Somehow somewhere I got on some list to get them. And this has been going on for a couple years now. I never get a bill or anything.  

(I can't trace the origin of what list I got on because it has my regular name on them. Usually whenever I give out my name and address to a place where I think they might sell the info- I'll add in a weird middle name so I can trace it. Like if I order something from the JCrew catalog or whatever I'll make my middle name J. So if I get a random piece of junk mail addressed to me with the initial J as my middle name I'll know JCrew sold my name to whoever. See? And I can be like, 'Damn them! Damn JCrew!' Not sure what the purpose of me doing that is- except for me to direct my pissedness to the appropriate place when I get something weird in the mail.)

Anyway, so when I get Men's Fitness and Computer Games mags I'll bring them into my place and throw them on my kitchen table or whatever. Sometimes when people come over they'll see Men's Fitness lying around with some shirtless sixpack guy on the cover and look at me like, 'Dude? What's up with this? You so don't work out ... like ...ever.' And I'll be like, 'Yeah... um.. I get that for free.' I think there are two reasons why people subscribe to Men's Fitness. Either you workout alot and like to read up on it. Or you just like to look at the pictures of muscley guys. I don't work out (unfortunately obviously)- so the 'Oh... that? I get that magazine for free.'- sometimes gets me a double take.

The other is the Computer Games magazine. This mag I actually do sort of read when I get it but it's a geeky magazine to have like all lying around. People will pick it up and be like, 'Dude... nerding out extra? What's up? Actually reading about video games now? Wow. Nerd..' I'll be like, 'I get that magazine for free...' And people be like...' Yeah right. Nerd.'

Anyway, neither really bothers me really. If people want to go around thinking I'm a gay nerd... whatever. But it's sort of unfair that I could be labeled a possible GN just by these magazines that come into my home all uninvited. Especially one that reminds me how out of shape I am and the other teasing me with games that I can't afford to buy... nor master.

ok bye!