The Yankees and Red Sox (retraction)


I previously wrote a prickish thing here about being a lazy part-time Yankee fan and wanting the Red Sox to lose for the hell of it just to be jerky- and (surprise surprise) I was immediately inundated with tons of responses from Red Sox fans calling me a jerk and being all disappointed in me and stuff like that. They also said that I was exactly what's bad about Yankee fans.

So I decided to take the original post down. Some might say that I'm backing down all wimpy by taking it down- but the truth of the matter is that I'm not all that concerned with who wins the series- but I do get concerned when people stop by my site and get all mad at me and call me a jerk. If I'm going to be labeled a jerk I'd rather be a jerk for something I believe in and not something that I wrote just to act like a dick and stir up some stuff for the hell of it. While apparently giving Yankee fans a bad name.

To make a long story short. I don't need the headache. Go Yankees. Go Red Sox. Go get mad at somebody else. 


ok bye!


PS If you wanna get mad at me for taking down the original post that's what you get for not checking the site every hour on the hour.