2Xtreme Head-Back Ache

So I've been meaning to get a new office chair for a while. My old chair has seen better days and those better days were a long long time ago. This past weekend I was sitting in it and it finally gave out. There was a loud plastic snapsproing noise and the whole seat part fell forward and almost dumped me on the floor. (Maybe too much Chunky Monkey but whatever) Here's a picture of my old chair sadly sitting in the hallway waiting to go out to the curb:

But it was time to get the new chair! I headed over to Office Max and started sitting around in their sea of office chairs. For like a half-hour. When I test stuff out I have no shame really. When I got a new mattress I flopped around all over right in front of the guy. So at Office Max I'd sit in this one. And that one. Then that one. Then this one. And that one. Then that one. Then that. Then this. Oooh maybe.... umm nope. Then that one. This one. That one. And I'd sit in my weird ways in all of them. One foot tucked under. Knees up. Feet on the seat. Indian style. Leg over the arm. And I finally decided this one:

I found this chair to be hideous looking. It looked like it's made from beetleskin or something. But it seemed to be the most comfortable. I get the box of chair home and of course it's in pieces and it takes me forever to put it together. There were no instructions in the box because I guess they thought it was easy to put together or something. But for dummies like me I have to stare at each piece till it makes sense as to what the hell it is. Plus there was like 5 different types of screws. It was a pain in the ass for me needless to say (but said anyway apparently). And of course I immediately threw away all the packing material.

I wheel the chair into my office and it feels wrong for me right away. The back felt weird and not padded enough. The arms were too high for my desk. I didn't like the 'vinyl' material cause when I sit in it in my boxers my legs stick to it. And the wheels don't wheel easy and I have to push off of things to roll. I've given it a couple days and it's just wrong. It's not a terrible chair. It just sucks for me. I called up Office Max and asked if I could return the chair even though I threw away the packing material. They said that would be ok as long as I have the receipt. So that's cool. Now I just have to take the whole friggin chair apart (uch) and get another ride to Office Max.

The reason why I'm triply upset is I should have known better. The name of this chair is the "2Xtreme Sports Chair". I knew it sounded dumb at the time but it seemed like it was going to be the right chair for me. I should have known it wasn't going to work. Just look what it says on the side of the box:

Dumb right? It and me.

Thanks to Office Max for not making me keep this '2Xtreme' chair even though I threw everything away. Now all I need to do is find the receipt...

uh oh spaghettio.

ok bye!