Stubbed My Toe and Cereal Disaster

I stubbed my toe tonight and it caused a mini-disaster.

I got a bowl of cereal for a midnight snack. Crunch Berries. I like to have two kinds of cereal in the house one 'healthy' and one sugar. Fruity Pebbles is a nice alternative for sugar. For a healthy cereal I like Golden Grahams or Raisin Bran. Anyway, I was totally happy with my cereal and ready to settle in for a Saturday Night Live repeat. While walking thru through my apartment with the cereal I whomped my baby toe on a chair leg. I went down immediately and so did the cereal. I hit the floor and the cereal bowl crashed and broke. Milk splatter. Bowl shatter. Crunch Berries everywhere.

At first I didn't do anything except absorb the pain which I heard in my ears. When you stub your toe you just have to sort of lie there and dig in for a minute and accept the fact that you just screwed up stupid. It's amazing how much a baby toe can take you completely out of the game. I finally get to my feet and look at what I done did. I see Crunch Berries EVERYWHERE! and milk! (My mouse is probably gonna be happy tonite but whatever.) Also I have old wood floors with big cracks and stuff so the milk got in there real good.

The whole thing totally sucked. I cleaned up everything and limped into the kitchen to try it again. The thing that extra sucked was I didn't have quite enough milk for the full replacement bowl. I considered going down the street to the 24 hour deli to get some more milk but I refused to allow one stupid mistake to mess me up so bad that I actually have to go outside and down the street just to have a frickin bowl of cereal.

Ok bye!