One Friggin Kick   

So I had a plan for dinner tonite.

I headed out around 8:30 to grab a burrito and a salad and planned to be all set up for 9:00 cause I wanted to watch the new show on Fox called Skin (which I liked alot. The dialogue was bad and it was all stupid and I liked it.)  Anyway I get back with my food and put it down on my cardboard box coffee table next to my beanbag chair. Then I get my stack of unopened mail from the last few days and put that on the floor next to the box. While watching 'Skin' I planned to go through it all. Bills, magazines... whatever and get sorta organized or whatever. Then I get my water jar (old tomato sauce jar) and fill it up with water and set that down on the floor next to the mail.

I flop down in the chair at like 9:00 on the dot and realize I forgot one thing. Tabasco sauce. So I get up and head to the kitchen to get it. On the way back I see my little rubber dodgeball that I've had for a couple weeks. I kick it around my apartment when I pace sometimes. So I decided to give it a kick. No reason really. Ball was in the way. So I kicked. But the splitsecond before I made contact I had that feeling you get when you're about to lock your keys in your car and can't do anything about it cause it's set in motion.

I made contact with the ball and staying true to its subconsciously preconceived destiny it grounders straight at my jar of water. Bam. The ball knocks it over and spills all the water all over all my mail. I just stood there and stared at it. Not only did I have to now clean things up, but I have ruined bills to deal with, magazines I was excited to read now unreadable- and I was missing the beginning of a show I was excited to see.

Just because of one kick. One mindless friggin kicky kick... that led to splashy splash... that led to frowny frown. 

Must think before I kick.

ok bye!