Sorta Scared of New Milk

So for a while now there's been this new milk out there. I'm sure you've probably seen it. The kind around here is 'Skim Plus'. And I bought some today with the expiration date like a month away. It looks like a typo. New Milk tastes ok and on the back it doesn't mention doing anything particularly bad to the milk or to the cows. In fact they only mention what they don't do. On the back it says:

"Delicious 100% fat free milk produced from cows not treated with rBST or Beta-Lactam antibiotics."

So why does it last a month? Don't you need rBST for that? Or at least a splash of Beta-Lactam? Or something? I mean I'm glad it doesn't go in on the rBST or the Beta-Lactam but they gotta be doing something to the milk or to the cows to make the milk last like 3x longer than regular milk.

I'd feel better about drinking New Milk (it does taste better than regular old skim milk) if I wasn't afraid of it. But I wanna know what they do to New Milk! Maybe it's nothing. Maybe they just seal the carton super fast or something. But what the dilly-o?

While typing this I decided to research New Milk by going to the webaddress on the carton. But that was no help. See? Suspicious...

So I decided to take New Milk mystery on as a personal research assignment to find out the truth about how New Milk got new. And then report back to you. I'm on the case!

(But if anyone out there knows the truth about New Milk and wants to post about it- it'll save me the trouble of forgetting to do my new project tomorrow.)

ok bye!


What do you know bout New Milk?? Post HERE please...