Chicks Love Target

I don't know what it is... but chicks love Target. I never grew up with a Target (I had Caldor) and I figured all those stores were like the same. K-mart, Caldor, Target, whatever..But apparently Target is different. Target makes chicks light up. I've discovered this recently because I heard rumors that they might be opening up a Target near my apartment. And whenever I mention that to a chick they get all jittery and excited. Like OMG! TARGET!

Early on I made the mistake of grouping in Target with K-Mart. Saying stuff like, Target is like K-Mart, right? Target freaks take offense to that like I just dumped green ketchup all over some kobe beef. The usual response is K-Mart is K-Mart but Target is TARGET. When I ask what the difference is the responses are usually pretty vague. Like the kitchen clocks at Target look 'cooler' than the kitchen clocks from K-Mart. And something about the clothes being more trendy.

I guess for me the thing is I wouldn't know a 'cooler' kitchen clock or what sweatshirt is better than what so they seem the same. I finally went a friend of mine to my first Target out in Queens a few weeks back and to me it looked like a big clean K-Mart. I got bored pretty fast and ended up riding a mountain bike around the store. Nobody told me to stop doing that so that was cool in my book.

But I'm not sure what kind of brainwashing is going on with the Target chick lovefest. Is it the cutsey ads? The Target logo that does something? Or is it really the stuff in there? Because to me it just looked like alot of stuff in a big store- but to chicks the reaction is the same as a paintball casino strippers massage chair beef jerky margarita store would be for guys.

ok bye!