Teletubby Sugar Scene

So last night I went out trick or treating with the nephews. Kids were running around mental everywhere. It's been a while since I've seen a full-on Halloween kid scene. The younger nephew (3) originally was gonna go out as Thomas the Tank but last minute he decided Thomas was a really bad call (for whatever reason) and he went back to last years yellow teletubby costume. The older one went as the grim reaper and was scary for real. 

Anyway after trick or treating we went back to the house and we were hanging out and I didn't notice the little nephew sneak off to the kitchen. I checked on him a few minutes later and I see him sitting at his little minitable and minichair with all his candy spilled out on the table. I see empty wrappers and empty wrappers and more empty wrappers. He straight out dogged like alot of candy all at once!

He looked up at me as he finished off the last smartie in a whole pack of smarties. I was like 'uh oh'. I asked what he was doing or whatever and I saw the sugar high slowly take hold. At first he sort of spaced out and looked at the candy and the candy wrappers. He slowly picked up a little twix and tried to open it but I put the brakes on that. Then he spaced out again. Then he looked up at me and had a smile that I could only describe as devilish. Then all of a sudden like frantik-like he got up and ran outside on the lawn barefoot in his teletubby outfit with his arms in the air.

Out on the lawn he got mental and seemed to get really annoyed with his halloween costume and started stripping it off all angry. He pulled it down and was standing there shirtless in a diaper with the costume around his ankles. Then he sort of spaced out again and just stood there. Then he tried to walk but the costume was tripping him up and he gave up on walking. Then he spaced out again and stood there. I tried to get the costume back on him again but he refused. Then my brother and his wife saw me standing there with the nephew out on the lawn him all barefoot and shirtless and asked if I could pull it together with him.

Finally he seemed to snap out of his sugar phase and normalized and stabilized and I got the costume back on him and we all went around for one more round of trick or treating. It was cute watching him reach up to ring doorbells.

ok bye!