The Red Moon

So the moon turned red over the weekend. Maybe you saw it. It was kind of cool. Seeing the red moon made me appreciate that I'm living in a time when science dudes give us the heads up about when the moon will turn red.. and can tell us and why it done did that. 

It made me think about how people must have reacted to the moon turning red back in the day. Like for cavemen, seeing the moon turn red probably made them look at each other and think...  well nothing. Well, maybe not nothing nothing... maybe they would have a faint primitive glimmer of wtf?! but then they would go back to hitting a rock with a stick... slightly harder than before.

Then as time shuffled along and people started thinking they knew something, the moon turning red probably caused more of a reaction. Seeing the red moon maybe made some ancients assume that the god of the moon was angered. So they freaked out and pointed fingers at each other then grabbed the nearest virgin and hucked her down into a volcano to make nice nice or whatever. 

Later on, the moon turning red might have been a message to some warlord that the time to attack was drawing near. That he indeed was absolutely right in thinking he had a divine right to takeover whoever was next door. And that the red moon was a symbol for the blood of thine enemy or something. Maybe he'd even paint a red moon on his shield to confirm that. Then start a war.

Later on the moon turning red might have convinced some crazy town leader that the witches were conspiring and that he needed to kick it up a notch with the witch hunts and got the townsfolks all riled to get torches and chase down the practitioners of the dark arts and tie them (and their black cat) up to a stake and set them aflame. The red moon was good proof.

But nowadays we get a friendly heads up a couple days in advance that the moon is going to turn red. And if I want to know exactly why the moon was going red- there are plenty of places I could go and read up about how Mars passed in front of the sun which cast a red shadow on the moon or whatever the hell happened.  To be honest I'm not all that curious as to why. But I was curious to see it.  So I stepped outside to take a gander on Saturday night and frankly, I wasn't even that impressed. 

I mean it was kinda cool and all... but first thing I thought of was it looked like someone had done it in Photoshop.

ok bye!