License to Dork

So my senior year in High School I liked the Beastie Boys alot. A friend of mine got tickets to go see em at the Capital Theater out in Jersey. So a bunch of us headed out to see Beasties play. This is like 1987.

On the way there we saw a White Castle and had to stop because White Castle was a big part of the Beastie Boy lifestyle as proclaimed in their lyrics.

Examples include:

Down with Mike D. and it ain't no hassle
Got the ladies of the eighties from here to White Castle


And I can always make them smile
From White Castle to the Nile


We got determination - bass and highs
White Castle fries only come in one size

and of course,

I chill at White Castle 'cause it's the best
But I'm fly at Fat Burger when I way out west

So we had to stop and get us some White Castle. A few minutes later some guy walked in and yelled, 'That's it! No more! Close the doors!' I didn't know what was going on. I asked someone standing there what was up and she said, 'They're filming a Beast video." I remember thinking, 'Cool! Thinking it was a metal band called Beast or something.' A minute later the guy said, 'No one look at the camera because if you look at the camera we're not going to use the shot!' Things were happening fast with whatever was going on.

Before I knew it this big truck pulls up and out pop the Beastie Boys along with DJ Hurricane. They walk into the White Castle and right past me then go up to the counter and order goofy stuff like, 'Yo! Gimme two lobster thermadors and three fries! or whatever..' Stupid stuff. One take. Then they got a bag of burgers and left. I was floored. I couldn't believe what I just saw. Frickin Beasties right there! Before the show!

I asked someone on the crew what the filming was for and they said it was for the 'License to Ill' home video. So when the video came out I got it and sure enough I saw me! Standing there! Dorked out! With my bad camouflage hat! Looking away from the camera as I was told.

I brought the video with me to college to trick people into thinking that I was cool and somewhere along the line it disappeared or got stolen or whatever. Years later I tried to find another copy but it was out of print. For years on and off I've been searching eBay for it. And finally last week I found it! It arrived yesterday and I popped it in and there I was. Just like I was before!

You wanna see? Here's me! (I took a picture of the tv)

If you want more here's a 15 second video clip (my digital camera has like a movie recording feature. quicktime. no sound. 4MB. not sure why it's so big..)

Am I cool now?!??

ok bye!