I'm getting to be a bit of a germaphobe I think. Once on the subway I saw someone sneeze into their hand all snotty with snot then grab back onto the subway pole with that same hand. I was horrified. I looked at my hand gripping a different pole (uh huh huh... not that pole) but a different SUBWAY pole and wondered how many people sneezed and grabbed the pole right where my hand was.

I've also been getting a skeeved in public restrooms. Especially the doorknob. It's like here ya go and wash your hands and what's the last thing you do before you leave? Touch the gross gross doorknob that people who don't wash their hands touch all day long I'm sure.

It's like once you get these gross things in your head they're hard to get out. It's not like I'm washing my hands twenty times a day or do anything different than I usually do. It's just a fact of life that sometimes something somewhere is gross and it's gonna get on you.  You might not know it might know it.

Like a few movies ago the person behind me coughed and I felt a puff of his cough air on the back of my neck. What did I do? What could I do? Nothing but sit there with his cough on the back of my neck. Ew.

And a while ago I saw some jerk news reporters show us all how gross hotel bedspreads are. They took a blacklight and showed how there was all sorts of fun stuff on bedspreads like urine and jism. The last time I was in a hotel room I would of taken the bedspread off with tongs if I had em.

The only reason I thought of all this was tonight on the subway I saw a mom with two kids. The subway car was pretty much empty and the kids were swinging around on the poles doing fake karate moves and rolling around on the floor. It was all fun. It was all a game to them. They went from pole to pole swinging around having a good time.

And all I could think about was how gross it was that they were touching the subway poles so much ...and realize how far cooties have come for me.

ok bye!