Almost Ate a Bug

The other night I went out to dinner with a friend and we got like a big cheese and fruit type plate. I was psyched. I like cheese AND fruit. They had these strawberries that were surprisingly good (usually strawberries are mushy or off or wrong). But these were good. I picked up one by the stemleaves and took a bite out of it. Totally good. I looked at the side of the strawberry and was about to take another bite and saw what looked like a strawberry leaf on the side of the strawberry. It was kinda dark in the restaurant. I went to go pluck it off but it like didn't pluck off. It was like stuck on the strawberry. I plucked at it again and it stood up! It was a bug! Some kind of weird beetle moth or something! Before I got a good look I mushed the strawberry and the bug down into my plate and abandoned the rest of the cheese plate.

I was spaced out for pretty much 15 minutes after that happened. I was SO close to eating that bug. He was sitting next to the bite. If I bit right instead of left I would have eaten it up on that first bite. Would I have even known if I ate the bug? That's what disturbed me the most. Chances are I probably wouldn't know. So that brings up the question how often do I eat bugs? Weird mothbugs? Ants? Roaches? Spiders? How often? Everyday? At least once a week I guess.

I know for a fact that I probably ate a roach once. I was at the Galleria in White Plains. I got some fried rice from chinese wok place and I was eating it up and I tongued on what felt like a bean. There were no beans in the fried rice. But I bit down on it anyway and there was this salty pop. I knew what it was. I almost puked. But I swallowed quick and washed it down with coke to avoid puking. I knew if I went to spit it out I would have gagged and puked. And puking at the mall needed to be avoided at all costs when you're like 16.

Anyway I was glad I didn't eat the weird bug on the strawberry the other night because if I realized it I might have puked and puking at restaurants is usually frowned upon. And if I hadn't noticed and ate the bug- I would have eaten a bug! and not even known! And I still wouldn't like not knowing that I did that- umm... if I knew that I didn't know that I did.

ok bye!