Whirlwind Affair with Pomegranates

So the other day a friend of mine came over and brought me a pomegranate. I probably hadn't eaten pomegranate in 10 years. I couldn't remember if I liked them or not but I figure I'd give it a shot. 

I sat down in front of the tv, draped a bath towel over me and just went at it. I couldn't believe how much I like pomegranate! It was fun. I liked eating the little seeds. I liked breaking off pieces I liked making a mess all over myself and was proud of myself for being smart and going all out with the bathtowel. When I was done I felt like I just finished a big job or something. I liked looking at pomegranate rubble. Afterwards I brushed my teeth and liked seeing that when I spit I could see what I brushed off my teeth by the color of the spit. That was somehow weirdly satisfying. I sat back down on the poof chair and I wanted to eat another one right away and made a mental note to buy pomegranates the next day.  

Next day I went to the grocery/deli place and there were pomegranates all front and center. I'd never even noticed them before. I bought three of them. Psyched for my new tv food companion. That night I sat down in front of the TV with pomegranate and a bathtowel and went at it again. This time it wasn't quite as good. This pomegranate had a dent in it so some of the seeds in one section were gross and mushy. I didn't like that so much. But it was still good. I had a good time with pomegranate. Brushing my teeth was still fun after too.

Finally last night I went in on another pomegranate and this time I wasn't liking pomegranate so much. There were like too many seeds in this one or something. And it looked like some kind of weird alien pod thing that grossed me out on some level. I ripped a piece off and it shot seeds all over the place that I had to go crawl around and look for. I didn't like how messy it was all getting. The seeds kept getting stuck in my teeth. I finished like half of it and realized I was done with pomegranate. Burnt out on em. So that was that. I still have one more in the fridge but I don't think it's going anywhere. Done and done with the pomegranate scene.

Maybe in a decade I'll forget about this whole thing and be in the store and see pomegranate be like, 'Hey don't I like pomegranates!?'

ok bye!