Pot Smoker

So my landlord recently did some renovation in my kitchen. He got rid of my old stove and put in some new cabinets and stuff so I'm psyched about that.

The other day I decided I was going to cook a burger in the new stove -which is one of those that you pull out the very bottom shelf and it's like a broiler type thing.  See?

So I crank up my new stove and start cooking the burger. After like five minutes or whatever I smell mixed in with the burger smell is this metallic burning smell. In my head I think something like, 'Oh, I guess the stove is like burning off some metal coating or maybe metal filings or something. I've never had a new stove so I figured it's part of the deal with a newness.

Soon the stove starts putting out a decent amount of smoke and the smoke alarm goes off. So I knock it off the wall and take out the 9V. The burger keeps cooking. The burger/metal smell is getting kind of stronger and other smoke alarm in the hallway goes off. I'm like, 'Oh, I guess the new stove is churning out the extra smoke because um... because um... because of the newnicity? -like the same way brand new cars pour out tons of smoke or whatever?

The metal smell was so strong that I thought maybe I shouldn't eat the burger. I thought maybe its got like metal in it now and then I'm gonna get mercury poisoning or something weird. But when it was done I took the metal poisoning risk and ate the burger which tasted ok... sort of. 

Of course a day later. Duh. I open the oven and remember that I put a pot and a pan in there for 'storage' until the cabinets were done. And I done cooked them up. I ended up burning up the pot pretty good. See?

Which might be for the best because I never felt right about this pot ever since this happened... I thought we were done then. But we weren't. But now we're officially done now. Finally..

I think..

ok bye!