4 Mile

I wasn't even going to write about this story because it sounds too typical but it's what happened with what's happening so whatever with that.

Last week I took a 'responsibility day'. A day when I just clear the decks. Clean out my email. Clean up my apartment. Scrub stuff. Get bills together and pay the ones that are most important. And I had some checks that I needed to deposit. So after finishing up in my apartment I took the checks and wandered down the street to the Chase cash machine to stick em in there. The machine is like a mile away and I was proud of myself for getting some exercise in on responsibility day.

When I got to the machine I took the checks out and patted myself down for my wallet ...which I realized was back at my apartment on my kitchen table. I kind of nodded my head, took the hit, put the checks back in my pocket and walked a mile back to my apartment. Trudged up the stairs. Snatched the wallet off the table and impressed myself by walking another mile back to the machine.

I stepped up to the machine (hello again) and opened my wallet. Blockbuster card, credit card, old gym card, metrocard, uh oh... weirdo business cards, NO! receipts, uch! WTF! I went thru the wallet five times (secret side slots and everything) No friggin cash card! Gone! I closed the wallet and took a deep breath slapping myself in the back of the head inside my head.

So I headed back home this time pissed off. Another mile. Four friggin miles for nothing (I know exercise is important but 2 miles is plenty for no reason exercise) On top of it my cash card has been gone for how long?? I got scared. It's one of those paranoia cards that are like credit card/debit card whatevers where I think that crooks can charge stuff and it takes cash out of my account directly then I have to get in a fight with the bank and they think I'm lying and put a red sticker on my file and send it to the government. I don't like this card cause of that.

After doing a quick search at home, being responsible, I called up and cancelled the card (no non-me charges phew). Bu of course within half-hour of hanging up the phone I find the card under my keyboard where I took it out the other day for something or other.. Doh. Slap back of head inside head again.

So that's what happened with that.

ok bye!