Diddy For a Night

So last night a friend of mine was in town from California and we met up with a friend of his and this chick friend for drinks. We all had some beers somewhere then this dude suggested we go to a place called Avalon Club. It used to be the Limelight which is this old church that they changed into a danceclub. I was there once when I was like 17 but haven't been to a dance club in years really.  But whatever, we go to the Avalon Club and there's a line down the street to get in. I wasn't psyched to wait in the cold on the street with the youngins. Especially because I was dorking hard with bad sneakers or whatever. I didn't dress for a night of "clubbing".  (not that I'd have any idea what to wear anyway)

Anyway, this dude we're with claimed he could get us in right away. He walked us past the line and right up to the bouncer. I'm thinking there's no way. That he's being all cocky stupid. But he pulls some secret non-cash oriented playahspeak move that I couldn't hear- and within a minute the velvet rope was removed. The bouncers turned friendly on us and we were directed into the club thru some back way. I was like, what the hell was that? How the...What did he say?!?

I was friggin wowed. I'd never been the guy who skips the line and gets in! (Not sure how he did it and he was vague and didn't share the secret. sorry :-( ) A couple times I've been the guy who walks up with some lame story and gets stared at by the bouncer until I slink off to the back of the line -but never the 'in' guy! We were led to some back entrance where we got wristbands. Then headed up this stairwell to some  second floor bar. Not for the commoners dancing below. For us VIPs! Me VIP too! We got a drink and watched the dancers from the balcony. They looked like they were having fun. Nobody in this VIP special bar looked like they were having fun.

Then dude told us that there was another bar upstairs. I hadn't realized we were in the 'common' VIP area. The other more VIP place was upstairs. So we headed to some backhall to another stairwell that was roped off and had a bouncer is standing there. The dude talked to him for a sec. We showed him our wristbands and he let us thru. At this point I was getting uncomfortable because I was feeling like an uncool invader into this private world of ultracool. I looked at my pants and sneakers. All wrong. They'd know right away that I was an imposter. Maybe they'd peg me as a narc. But whatever..

Up the stairs we emerged at this bar at the top of the club. The top of the danceclub world! Super VIP. This bar wasn't too crowded. Just some hipsters and euros hanging out here and there. We sat down in a rounded booth and I looked around the place feeling like Diddy. There was me! In da club! Seeing what Diddy sees! Sitting in Diddyish booth! Bad sneakers and all! How bout that! I looked around and nodded my head to the music trying to look cool ... 

But you know what? Behind all the velvet ropes. Through all the bouncers. Past all the commoners. Past the first VIP bar. Up secret stairways. At the top of the club. The VIP room above the VIP room. You know what's there? umm.. Free shrimp served by supermodels? A champagne fountain? How bout rockstars looking for new best friends? 

Nope. Just a bar. A bar that has a menu with bottles of liquor for sale. Jack Daniels was going for $300 a bottle. Stupid prices. Some champagne (bub) was over a thousand. I guess that was the most exciting thing about it. Other than that it was alot of half-bored looking people  standing around staring at each other just like any other bar. No secret coolioness. 

So after sitting at the top of the world for 15 minutes we got bored and headed down to the floor to rejoin commoners and I did some dorky dancing. I was happy to be out of the weird lala land of secret bars and backways and down where I more comfortably didn't belong. Dancing away and being stared at by youngins who looked at me probably thought, 'Hey! Who brought the bald goon to the club?'

Little did they know that 10 minutes before...  I was T. Diddy, baby..

ok bye!


P.S. Side story here.