The Truth About the Bread

So tonite I was going a little stir crazy so I got all bundled up and headed down the street to sit with a book and eat a bowl of onion soup at the restaurant around the corner. It's pretty much rare for me to actually sit down in a restaurant by myself. I'm much more a takeout guy. I mean, why should I sit at some restaurant at some table when I can takeout and sit in front of my tv, eat the salad with my fingers and fart all I want? But tonite I had to get out and it was a good call. Sometimes you just have to get out.

Anyway, I'm sitting and reading my book and the waiter brings over my onion soup and the bread. I slurp up the soup and eat the so good burned cheese and dip with one slice of the bread. When the waiter comes to clear the dishes he takes the basket of bread and I see him straight out put the remaining bread back in the big breadbasket where he got it in the first place. When he gave it to me it was four slices. It was now three. Because I ate one. I ate one when I gripped the whole loaf thing and ripped one piece off. Now the other three sat back in the basket with my fingerprints all over it. Waiting for to be served.. again.

For a long time I've always sort of knew they put the bread back. But I never really saw them actually put the bread back. I had a little fantasy that maybe they dump the bread out regardless. I mean what if I licked the bread? The bread was mine to lick technically. But what I've always known to be true is in fact now confirmed. They do indeed put the bread back.

I can only hope that bread is the only thing in restaurants that gets recycled that way...cause I don't want to think about it beyond that.

Thought I'd share.

ok bye!