Mystery Safe Place (plus bonus surprise phone call!)

When I draw stuff I use this thing called a Wacom graphics tablet. It comes with a pen so I can draw straight into the computer. The tip of the computer pen is this little plastic thing. I'm not sure how it all works but whatever.

Anyway when I first got my graphics tablet it came with this bundle of plastic replacement tips. I had no idea what they were so I promptly lost them. Months later I realized my pen needed a new tip and I was like UCH! where's that bundle of tiny plastic things! Nowhere was the answer. After searching

OOH!!! while i was typing this i just got called on the phone with a survey about television! typing as i'm talking to them now. they're calling from Audience Studies. they want ages 18-35 i just made it the cut!...  hold on... he's training and i hear the manager in the background. they want to send me a video tape about something! i get entered into a prize drawing for watching the video tape. is this a scam? i won't give my cc card so what can they do? my commitment to watch the tape is definitely important they say! they're gonna call me on dec 15th to see what i thought of the tape!! LOL.. this is funny. I can't wait for the tape. i hope this leads to me getting a nielsen box.. i just had to spell my name two times for him and he read it back to me all wrong. two times.. i'm letting it go... he keeps putting me on hold. i hear the manager over his shoulder he sounds like a real dick over the shoulder type manager. i hear the manager telling him what to say. then the guy says it.  the guy on the phone sounds nervous i feel bad for him i'm trying to be extra nice... we're confirming the time when they're gonna call me again on december 15th.. ok that's it! psyched! coolio!

Anyway about the plastic things. I'll just wrap this up quick. I lost them. Had to order more from Wacom. It cost me like $20! for the stupid plastic tips. When I got them I remember thinking 'Put them in a safe place so you don't lose them again, stupid!' That was months ago. Today I realized I needed to replace the tip to the pen and can't friggin remember what 'safe' place they're at. Ripped my whole little office apart and they're nowhere.

But I guess they're somewhere... nice and safe...

ok bye!

And I'll report back about the Audience Studies thing!