My Mouse Gotta Go

I haven't seen my mouse but I know he's still around. He's made two appearances in the past week or so. The first time he dug through a paperbag that had like rolls in it and nibbled on the rolls. (Yes I threw the rolls away). Then the other night he got into my Stoned Wheat Thins (which I like to eat with peanut butter. chunky style. skippy.). He pulled one of the crackers out of the box and only bit little pieces off of it here or there. It was interesting that he didn't eat the cracker in the box. He took it out and ate it on the counter. Maybe he's claustrophobic or something. Or maybe he considered it to be impolite. I'm not even sure he actually liked the cracker cause he really didn't eat alot of it. Or maybe he left most of it for me to like share.  There were no gross mouse droppings or anything. It was a relatively pleasant experience as rodent evidence goes. (Yes I threw the box away).

But I've gotten alot of email from people saying that I should get rid of the mouse. That eventually the fun pranks and stuff get to be like annoying and gross and stuff. I guess that's true. Plus I think about him getting into things and me not knowing and I don't like the idea of that very much. So I've decided to order one of those humane traps and try to catch him. Then I'll let him go in an empty lot or the construction site down the street or something. I almost feel a little bad about it cause he does seem kind of nice (I've named him Brian Doyle Murray) and I'm fascinated to see how he actually gets up on the counter. It's like a smooth surface to climb up the side so it's weird. Maybe up the electrical cord or something I guess.

What really convinced me to get the trap though was the other night I was walking down the street and a big rat popped out of a garbage can right by me and like stared at me. The rat was gross. I remember once a while ago late night I saw a rat on a subway platform. It was just me and him. I stomped my foot at him but he didn't even run. It scared me. And unfortunately my mouse friend is in the same family as the rat to a certain degree. The chance of my mouse roommate deciding to throw a party in my place and serve Stoned Wheat Thins and rolls is not something I would like at this juncture. Because rats could show up. I'm sure my mouse wouldn't really be 'friends' with the rats but sometimes when you throw a party it just attracts a bad element.

Until he's caught I'm keeping all the bread in the fridge and keeping cereal and stuff on the high shelves. We'll see what happens.

Ok bye!