ATM Meandering

So today I went to a cash machine in a little magazine store and there was a receipt hanging out of the machine. I took a look at it. Here it is:

I usually look at all the receipts left around an ATM while waiting for it to give me my cash- just to see what's going on financially with the anonymous others. This person has $94,507.19 in their checking account. Just hanging out. Speaking as someone who has seen many an 'Insufficient Funds' receipt it strikes me when I see one with a chunk of change like this all loitering in a checking account. Granted I don't have a savings account and don't know much about finances or whatever -but I gotta assume there's a better place to put $94,507.19 than in a checking account.

So who is this person who has so much money? Does he/she get tingles when they see $94,507.19 in their account? Is it a surprise? Is it a surprise that it's not more? Is it a shoulder shrug? Do they even know or care? Do they wonder if they should put their money somewhere else? Or do they write so many huge checks every month that this is going to cover it? Do they ever have to balance their checkbook? Is it Justin Timberlake's receipt? What's it like to walk around with enough money in your checking account to buy a big boat? If $1000 disappeared from this account would they notice?

I understand that money doesn't buy happiness (and believe it) but when does the fun of money wear off exactly? When do the tingles stop? When does a great car become just a car? What's it like to walk into a convenience store and be able to buy the entire store? Do they know there's such a thing as 'insufficient funds'? Did this person always have money? What's it like not to have to worry about money? Is worrying about money something that can eventually be missed? Why was it all this money just sitting in the checking account? What's it gonna be spent on? Is having something like $94,507.19 in a checking account not abnormal for rich people? Is it necessary? Is it silly? Is it enough?

I don't know. Just wondering...

ok bye!