Thanks Y'all for 2003!

This website is now over two years old! Although I get emails from people telling me that they've been coming for years and years. It's really only two. 

And from being a laid-off biz dev guy at the end of 2001 to a guy who sits in his apartment getting by by running a website with wacked cartoons and weird stuff-  it's just a friggin amazingly coolio thing for me. Somehow I'm able to pay my bills in one way or another with the website stuff and freelance gigs and other stuff and I can't ask for more than that. And of course the site will keep going and going and going wherever it goes as it goes on.

I just want to say thank you to all y'all for for coming to visit here and for sending the emails and letters and care packages and dollars and if you bought my book or cafepress stuff and all you who contributed stories and recipes and pet photos and everything. So thank you. I'm still amazed that people are interested in the goings on that go on as I roam around and do whatever. 

It's all friggin excellente and fun- and traffic is higher than its ever been so I guess this place is still catching on.

I appreciate it all way totally.

So what's up for next year?

I'm working on a new toony toon and a new game of course which I'll try to have up as soon as I can. And I have some other goodies in the works...

Also I get the feeling I'm gonna have a bunch of really coolio what's happenings happening soon so stay tuned.

Anyway, I just wanted to say 'Hi and thanks' for everything and to everyone for hanging in there with me and being patient and listening and reading and watching and playing and visiting.

See ya in 2004!

Peace and good vibes to ya!


(elf up...)

ok bye!