Toe Intro

It's been a really slow week not alot happening. I've had a bit of a cold or a touch of flu or sars or something so I've been pretty much just moving from place to place in my apartment sort of out of it half banged up loopy on tussin. But last night I did something that I never did before in my life.

I was sitting here in my chair sort of indian style and started playing around with my toes for no reason (i guess that goes without saying). And then I sort of smushed them together and saw that my big toe and my littlest toe could almost touch if I smushed them toward eachother. So I went for it and sure enough- my big toe and little toe touched!

I know this isn't a big deal or whatever but it just was sort of interesting to me that I've had my feet my whole life and never really introduced my big toe and my little toe in that way. Like maybe when I was a baby that might have happened but somehow I doubt it. I think this was the first time. And I did it for both feet to be fair. So that was that. Just a thing that made me go hmmm...

I told you this was a slow week and I'm sort of out of it half banged up loopy on tussin.

ok bye!