Awkward Moment at the Garbage Truck 

So on Friday I woke up to the garbage truck coming up my street around 8AM. It dawned on me that I had a big bag of smelly garbage out in my hall and I wanted to get it outta here. So I hopped out of bed, threw on some sweatpants and a t-shirt, grabbed the bag and ran down the stairs outside barefoot (which probably wasn't so bright because I was recovering from my Sarsflu and it was like 10 degrees outside).

Anyway, the garbage truck was one past my apartment and they'd picked up the garbage from my building already. The sanitation guys were grabbing garbage from across the street picking up some other garbage. As I walked to the truck one of the sanitation guys was heading back toward the truck too. And I was struck with a dilemna: 

Do I throw the garbage into the truck myself or do I hand my bag of garbage to the guy for him to throw in the truck? 

If I don't throw it- Am I a barefoot schmuck with my trashbag who is too wimpy to throw his own bag of trash into the truck? Mr. Miss Dainty handing it over so he can do it for me? Too wimpy of a cityboy to do that kind of work? Would it be interpreted as me being above the act? 

If I do throw it in- Maybe I show my manhood and garbile competence but at the same time do I make a statement to the sanitation guy that anyone can do his job? Even me? A barefoot schmuck in 10 degree weather? Insulting him on some level by doing his job for him right in his face? And disrespecting him by assuming it's ok to do so?

I determined that the best thing for me to do was throw the bag of garbage into the truck and show that even though I'm a barefoot schmuck I'm willing to pitch in and make his day at least one bit easier. When I threw it in he gave me sort of a swoopy nod that I couldn't interpret. I'm not sure if the look was, 'Thanks.' or 'Next time give it to me.' or 'You shouldn't do that.' Or what...

Most likely it was more along the lines of 'Schmuck! What are you doing out here barefoot!?'

ok bye!