Vegetation Proclamation

So yesterday morning I was surfing around screwing around or whatever and for whatever reason I started to read up on the meat industry. I read things about slaughterhouses and I looked at pictures and went all the way down the road reading up about this and that and like half gagging in my head from some of the stuff. Yuck and sad and terrible.

After I was done I sat back and it sunk what's like going on in the meat industry. How these animals are being treated. Animals that could easily be my friends if they lived in my backyard!  And how my personal health is secondary to their friggin profits! With their crazy drugs and stuff! And I made a decision right there and then- no more red meat! Never again. It seemed unthinkable to me after going all over the net looking for worst of the worst. I thought I could eat tuna and eat like nuts and fruit and be healthy! Salads! Vegetables! Ummm.. Tofu! Fish! Yeah! I shouldn't even be eating all this red meat anyway. Some Japanese lady lived to like 125 or whatever cause she's not eating steaks and burgers! Especially meat processed in such a horrible evil fashion. I wanna live to 125 too! No siree. I was done!

Around noon I wandered over to the fridge for lunch. I looked in and remembered I had genoa salami and provolone sitting in there. The day before I'd eaten a salami and provolone sandwich with some kosciusko mustard and I had a couple sliced up pickled tomatoes and a handful of chips on the side. That sandwich sure was good. But NO! I was done with salami! I was done with all of it. Horrible! I grabbed the ziploc bag of salami and threw it in the garbage. Disgusted! Then I looked in my cabinets. Tuna? Nah, I didn't feel like going thru the pain of making tuna. I wasn't in the mood for it. Mac and cheese.. nah... hassle.

What I really was in the mood for was...was...genoa salami and provolone sandwich with pickled tomatoes and chips!! No! The voice in my head told me to start my "new lifestyle" after I finish up the salami... But no! Shush! It's evil! Remember the images! Remember the process! I remembered.... And even THEN I found myself sadly fishing the ziploc out of the friggin garbage! and making the sandwich that I wanted. I ate it in and enjoyed it- in shame. Shame at myself for being such a friggin meataholic and making flippyfloppy when it came to my declaration- in less than 2 hours..

Friggin meat! Uch! Mmm! Gross! Yum! Evil! Good! Bad! Tasty! Arrgghhh!

ok bye!