Politically Stumped

Ok I admit it!! Ok?!! I don't know really what the hell Iowa is about! I don't know what a "caucus" is! And how it all works! And why Iowa? Why not Wyoming? And why New Hampshire? Why not New Jersey? And how important can Iowa be if some potential candidate dudes don't even bother to show up at all?! I get that it's important to win in Iowa because then people look at whoever wins as a "winner" and they get more money or whatever and whoever loses is like a "loser" and they get less money or whatever...

But alot of times when there's talk of politics on the news I don't completely understand the process and feel sort of left out. I wish sometimes there was like a WB Nightly News for Dummies or something that explains what the hell they're talking for those of us whose political education stopped after Schoolhouse Rock. All I hear is all this yelling in my ear with this democratic stuff! It's all like Caucuses! Iowa! Gephardt! Win! Polls! Loss! Speech! Dean! Unions! Iowans! Poll! Edwards! Democrats! Des Moines! Kerry! Turnout! Cucicunicach! Support! Whatever!

How bout backtracking a little for us intellectually politically incorrect slowpokes and explain the basics? I do understand it's important cause it's like the first step toward getting the nomination sort of or whatever. But why Iowa? And why all the yelling if it doesn't really matter all that much? And what's a caucus?

ok bye!


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