Danger Dogs

So my landlord recently put in a new stove because my old stove was like all old. I liked my old stove but I guess it was time. 

Here's my new gas stove:

Anyway, today I decided to have hotdogs for lunch. I'm a broiler. Some people are boilers. I'm a broiler. And my stove has one of those drawers in the bottom that you like slide out to broil. So I take my dogs (i like to cut diagonal lines down them) and stick them under broiler and wander away. I come back like a few minutes later to take a look and they were doing fine. Starting to sizzle. I wandered away and came back a few minutes later and they weren't sizzling anymore. It seemed like the stove had turned off. So I laid down on the floor and looked up under. Sure enough I could see the pilot light on but the big broiler flame was out. I didn't smell gas or anything. It was just... off.

So I lightly blew on the pilot light and that got the big broiler flame going again. I wrote it off as a fluke and wandered away again. When I came back the stove was off again. So I laid down on the floor again and looked up under. The big flame had gone out again! and all I saw was the pilot light. No smell of gas at all. I blew on the pilot light again. And the big broiler flame rushed back on. Dogs started cooking again. Instead of wandering away, I just stayed on the floor and watched it. After a while the big flame went off again. I blew on the pilot light again. Back on. Hot dogs cooking. Then off. Blow. On. Off again. Blow. On. I stayed there watching the stupid flame and the hotdogs till they were done.

Although it was relaxing to be cooking while lying down I started to feel like maybe I was being stupid. Obviously something was messed up with the stove and maybe I shouldn't be playing around with my face right by a malfunctioning broiler thing. Blowing on it to do flame on. But the hot dogs smelled so good! What could I do? I had to take the chance.

I miss my old rickety stove. It never threatened me or made me lie on the floor. Old appliances kick ass. New appliances make you lie on the floor scared that you're gonna get all exploded.

ok bye!