Elf Up! Evil Spam!

I guess because my email address ([email protected]) is like public I've ended up on every spam list in the world. Every morning I check my hotmail and 2/3 of the emails are spam and viruses. I'll just list off what I see today in the subjects:

Free Mascara a $9 value

*Pick Your Winning Bingo Numbers Now*

Free Watch

Free stuff fro oddtodd7! And More

Luxury Disney Vacation! 9 Nights!

Out of Office Reply: Scrolling


A Win XP Patch

$50,000 Coverage. $30 a month.

Horse Sex!!!!

Let's Be Friends

Adv:Adult Hot Cheerleaders. Free!

Download your FBI file

Banned CD!

Supercharge Your Sex Life for free!

Mankind's Greatest Breakthrough!


re:Hypnotize women into bed!!!


And so on. Often these emails come with attachments with names that are mysterious (all viruses probably). Things like:







and so on... I've never doubleclicked any of the these files so I'm not sure how exactly they would ruin everything but I'm sure that's what they're designed to do. I've tried the 'spam filter' in hotmail but if you turn it up beyond the low setting it snags regular email from folks out there for unknown reasons. And I don't like the idea of losing emails from folks so I deal with the spam. But today was a particulary disturbing day because I received an email that said in the subject:


"Hold him up and make a wish!"


And I'm like ..that's familiar. Wait a sec! And I open up the email and as attachments I see one file called elf.html and one that says link.scr. I click on the html cause I figured it was safe and there I see Elf Up! hanging out in my email. Along with a virus as a second attachment as link.scr. Someone was using Elf Up to spread evil in cyberspace! I mentioned this to Elf Up and he was upset to say the least. Luckily he can take care of himself and has plans for the people that sent the virus around. But he was definitely disturbed because it cuts into his busy schedule of jumping up and down alot.

However, I've noticed recently that the amount of spam that goes out has increased like 10x. I'm not sure why this is. Nor why people feel the need to develop viruses. Where's the fun? I still fall for some spam sometimes so I guess it must still work to a certain degree. Just the other day I clicked through one that said 'to be removed from this list click here' I clicked it like a dope and it led to a sex site. I also got one that said, 'you have a secret admirer'... but of course that was just a tease. 


I don't think there is anyway to stop spam cause eventually your email address will get out. But the one thing you can do (and it might be too late for alot of people) but set up a separate email address with hotmail or whatever which is your 'giveaway' address like [email protected] or whatever. Whenever you have to give out an email address to some service, use that junk email address and try to keep your home email address as pure as possible by not ever giving it out to any service.


And to the person who developed the Elf Up! spam virus thing. You're gonna get it. Bad. Elf Up ain't happy.


ok bye!