Jarring Realization *

So I've been eating alot of pistachio nuts lately. I can't stop. I'm sure I'll burn out on them soon but right now everything is about the pistachio nuts. I've been buying sacks of them. I've also been buying wasabi peas in bulk and dried apricots and some other stuff. They all come in plastic bags with twist ties. Anyway, last week I was in the kitchen making spaghetti and I dumped some tomato sauce in a pot and threw out the jar as usual. All of a sudden it dawned on me. Hey wait a sec! That's a friggin goodass jar!

I dug in the trash and washed it out. After it dried I dumped pistachio nuts in there and closed the top. It worked great! Since then I've been saving all my jars. Some are good water glasses. Jelly jars are cool. One of mine became a toothbrush holder. A little one I use as a shake it up with oil and vinegar. I haven't done anything with some others yet. They're waiting for their second purpose. But for the first time ever I see how cool jars are. They're excellent and they come free with any purchase of whatever they're holding inside!. I mean maybe not 'free'. I guess they're necessary for selling jelly and stuff because if jelly wasn't in the jar and just on the loose shelf, then supermarkets would be gross and messy and everything would have to be priced by the handful or something.

Anyway, I know I'm probably late to the game on the jar thing. But just in case you were like me and throwing out all these great jars- start saving them! You might find they're good for something. And if you can't find a use for one, get naked then go outside with the jar, hold it up and yell, 'Behold! This is a great jar!' Then wind up and huck it through your neighbors window. Surprise em with the gift of jar. They might have a use for it.

You never know with jars.

ok bye!


* Someone pointed out that I mentioned in my book that people should use spaghetti jars as water glasses so maybe this isn't the most jarring realization but this was the first time ever I used jars as actual jar jars... Jar Jar.