Big Loud Drilling

Every few months they rip up my street. They either rip up the top of the street or they rip up stuff in front of my building. I'm not sure why they rip up the street. At the top of the street they seem to be in this pattern. Rip up the street, and dig a big hole. Then cover the hole with big metal plates. Let sit for two weeks. Then come back and take the metal plates away. Smooth out the street. Two months later redrill and repeat.

Anyway, today I woke up and they were doing drilling sort of in front of my building. They've been going strong for a couple hours now. I think they started at 8AM. It's now 10AM. Don't they know people are trying to sleep!? I keep thinking every time they stop drilling they're gonna be finished- sort of like sleeping in the room with someone who snores. Like whn I think maybe after a ton of snoring that one big snort might have kicked out the snoregear. And I hear quiet for a bit. That wonderful silence and I start to fade. Then it's back worse than ever. And I wait for the window of silence again to maybe jump through to sleepyland. But now all the windows are smashed and I'm wide awake. I'm gonna head outside to do 'errands' or whatever cause I can't take it.

While wandering by the driller and I'd like to ask him why he's drilling but I get the feeling any drill guy on in 20 degree whether doesn't want to be asked why he has to drill. He's probably not in the best mood because it's cold out and for me to walk up to a guy and say, 'Hey! why you drilling there?' I'd probably get a wiseass response like, 'Thars treasure me thinks...' or maybe a 'License to kill gophers by the government of the United Nations.' or maybe, 'Ask another stupid question and the hole I'm drilling will be for you.' or 'My dog is very serious about burying his bones.' But most likely I'd catch a healthy f-off-jerk stare.

In any case. To be nice and share with y'all I stuck my computer mic out the window so you can all get a sample of the noise that fills my apartment this morning.

Click here.

ok bye!