The Power of the Cancel

So today I called up Road Runner to cancel my service. They transferred me somewhere and because I'm a 'valued customer' (lol) they said if I cancel my canceling they'll knock $10 off my bill for the next six months. So I recommend to y'all other Road Runner customers to threaten to cancel maybe you'll get the same deal. $44.95 down to $34.95.

Threatening to cancel actually works on alot of stuff. I'm sure it works on all ISPs. If your credit card interest rate is high, call em and say you're considering doing a balance transfer to another card with lower interest rate. Sometimes they'll come back and knock yer interest rate down like 5 percent or whatever.  Try it with your phone company or whatever else. If they call your bluff and agree to cancel you-- just cancel the cancellation or whatever. Done and done. Worth a shot. Technically you're not lying if you say you're 'considering' it.

So anyway, I guess this ain't a funny What's Happening but I had to share the info about Road Runner because I'm still mad at them (not mad enough to actually go thru the hassle of a real deal cancellation or whatever. maybe publicizing this policy with give them a tiny smack) but whatever. Might as well give it a shot with any service that's sort of pissing you off- sometimes they'll come back with an 'don't leave us!' offer and you'll feel a little better every time you get the bill.

ok bye!


PS update: Haven't spammed them internally yet. Still waiting on a good email list...