Knowing Gross Stuff    *

I always remember when people tell me gross stuff. Like back in 3rd grade when some kid let the cat out the bag about Jell-O. He told me it was made from horses hooves which wasn't exactly true but soon after I found out that that red yummy goodness was made from animal somehow. Gross. I wish I never knew. Jell-O was semi-ruined for me from that point on. Not that I stopped eating it, but I always think about it for at least a second whenever I eat it. Which sucks cause I like Jell-O.

Anyway, I have little gross nuggets of gross information about this and that foodwise. Stuff I wish nobody ever told me and when I heard it for the first time it sunk into my brain permanent-like. Put it this way, when I'm like 150 years old and eating Jell-O I might not know my name but I'll sure as hell know that Jell-O is made from horses hooves... or whatever. I might gross regress I guess.

Recently I found out something new that totally totally grossed me out. I won't share it with you here because I know you don't want to know. And I think it would be wrong to write about it for the hell of it. And trust me.. you don't want to know what I found out. I'm really doing you a favor. I wish the person who told me the gross thing would have felt that way about this gross thing because then I wouldn't know the gross thing that I don't want to know that I now know. But they had to share... to gross me out.

On the bright side, it's sort of nice to have a verbal grossout weapon like this. I can keep this tucked away as my gross little secret and if someone in the future tells me something gross that I didn't want to know... I'm friggin sure as hell gonna busting this one out in retaliation. Gross eye for a gross eye.

ok bye!


OK I got alot of email asking for what it tis so ok you grossout-curious cats. I posted a link if you reeeallly want to know what it is. I warn you once more that this is something you honestly do not want to know. Perhaps I've overreacting or you might already know...  but I'm still not over it. Not even close...

If you neeeeed to know (and you don't)... Click HERE

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