Bad Jeans

So for a while now I've basically had one pair of good jeans. They're really old and probably out of style- but they're all super broken in and good. Technically I have three pairs of jeans total but I've only worn one pair for a long time. Recently that one good pair got a small rip in the knee and once the rip started it became a full on rip. Now the jeans are still wearable but they have that like 1987 frayed knee rip situation. So the other day I looked in my closet at the other two pairs of jeans. They've been hanging there literally for years. I bought them back when I was a dotcommer guy and spent money like all stupido. One pair is JCrew and the other is pair Banana. Not sure what I was thinking when I bought them back then. Both are terrible. Both never worn really. The JCrew ones feel weird clothwise and the Banana ones always felt like they were too tight and I felt like I was self-conscious of my butt. I never liked them and never bothered to break them in. Once in a while I'd try em on only to reject them over and over and hang them back up and put on my old jeans that were all soft and felt good- even if they were filthy.

Anyway, the other night I was going out and wanted to wear jeans. I couldn't wear my rip kneed ones sadly because it's not 1987 and I'm in my 30's. So I decided I needed to start working on one of the two hanging there. I took the Banana ones out and tried them on for the first time in a long time. They felt just as I remember, all too tight, except a little tighter because I'm a little fatter. The top button was tough. I took em off and hung em back up forever for sure. So I put on the JCrew jeans and headed out. All night they felt too crisp and new. They felt stiff and tight and slightly itchy. They were too blue. I kept feeling like everyone was looking at my jeans. I didn't know if they were fashiony wrong or what. I missed my old jeans.

I'm starting to really learn that jeans are like sneakers and baseball hats and socks and bowling shoes and eye glasses and neckties and sweaters and stuff like that. If they feel good right off the bat you're good to go for good. If they don't feel quite right right away... they ain't never gonna feel quite right. Right?

ok bye!