Gene Gene's New Destiny

I was kinda holding off telling y'all about what was going on with my hermit crabs but I figure it's time to let you know the truth.

As you may already know, originally I had two crabs, Gene Gene Dancing Machine and Dr. Z. Then Dr. Z died. So I got another crab to keep Gene Gene company. Senator Fancy Pants. Not too far back he died too.. under mysterious circumstances. So I replaced Senator Fancy Pants with another crab. Hal 1000. I didn't tell y'all about him because he died like right away-- under mysterious circumstances again. I started to think Gene Gene was anti-social and maybe didn't want anyone in the tank with him. Or he was psycho. Or maybe it was coincidental and Gene Gene had nothing to do with it. Maybe they just passed away. I didn't know.

Anyway, I kept putting off getting another replacement crab because I didn't want to put a crab into a bad situation. I read up on hermit crabs to make sure I was doing everything right and read that hermit crabs are social creatures and they like company. I wonder if Gene Gene was different. I felt weird about putting another crab in there if he was gonna end up in the same place where Dr. Z and Senator Fancy Pants and Hal 1000 are. 

Gene Gene was always kinda weird. He never seemed to do anything. With or without crabs he never really was active. He never really even seemed to eat. He wouldn't crawl on the wood logs or rocks or go in the water. He was too big for his shell but didn't want to move into another shell. I gave him plenty of options. He'd just hide in the little rock shack I built for him in the corner and just sit there. Every day I'd poke him to make sure he was still with us and I started to feel bad for Gene Gene. I'd give him swims in the pool but I finally decided that he needed a friend. Because Gene Gene being alone all the time didn't seem right even if Gene Gene wasn't right in the head.

So I went by the pet shop and checked out the hermit crabs. To go for #4. And I saw a whole bunch of them crawling around in this big tank. They seemed to be really out and about around and hanging out and stuff. I thought about how Gene Gene never crawls around like that. I started to think that instead of bringing another crab to Gene Gene- that I should bring Gene Gene to the crabs and give him a new home. Maybe he would be happier in with the other crabs. After three deceased crabs I thought maybe four is just one step too many and didn't want to be an accomplice at this point..

I realize I was probably way overly emotionally involved about a crab. But I decided what was best for me and for Gene Gene was to bring him back to the pet shop and let him go live with the rest of the crabs for however long. I just didn't like the idea of having Gene Gene life alone in a tank at my apartment. And I didn't like the idea of bringing another crab home that could end up dead for whatever reason. I felt bad about it -but I put Gene Gene in a plastic bag and brought him back to the pet shop. 

The nice pet store guy said they would take him back and take care of him. I felt like maybe I was weird because I said my goodbyes and apologized to a hermit crab in front of the pet store guy who gave me kind of a look. But I felt it I was doing what was best for Gene Gene. I thought maybe it would be exciting for him to be with other crabs and have a new destiny. I figured if Gene Gene was happy for a while in a big tank with other crabs it would be good for him until whatever next came next. 

I wasn't going to even write about this because there's a side of me that feels sorta heartless for bringing back a pet. Also me writing this much about a hermit crab could be tagged... umm... crazy. But I think I did what was best. I hope his new crab destiny will bring him greatness and happiness among crabs (and that he's not a psycho murderer - but I figure I'll give him the benefit of the doubt). And wish him the best life a pet shop hermit crab could possibly have. So that's that.

The good news is I want to get another pet! I don't want a bird. And can't get a dog. Maybe a cat... but what else you got?

Post suggestions here!!

ok bye!