Argument for Piracy

So I bought one DVD and one CD on Friday and spent way too much time and aggravation trying to get the frickin packaging off. All this paranoia about people stealing music and movies has caused companies to keep adding stickers and tape and plasticwrap and crap to secure their packaging. It's getting worse! Enough already! Plus some CD companies now have the inexcusable habit of putting unremovable stickers right smack on the plastic of the jewel case. The sticker will say something promoting the singles inside or whatever.  But when I try and peel it off I get that bad white halfripped-off sticker mess on MY brand new case. Hey! How bout sticking that on the plastic wrap ya f**ks?! Who are you to slap a sticker on my jewel case? I bought this frucker for $15 bucks or whatever and now it looks like crap! Keep your stickers to yourself! Enough with the tape and the seal along the edge and the wraps! So much garbage! Get a new system! The DVD I bought literally had like six things to peel off or rip off or scrape off before it was finally open! And I was so pissed and tired I had to take a nap!

I'm telling you, you're forcing someone like me to seek other places to get my music and movies because the pain in the ass of opening stuff is getting ridiculous. It's rude. And your disrespect with frickin stickers! And your price hikes to fix your bad marketing techniques! I pay for this stuff! This is your problem! Make things nicer for me or I'll head down cyberalleyways where things are much more friendly and convenient. Oh! Also put more stuff inside the packaging! So I feel like I'm getting something extra! Even if it's nothing I want! Like a sticker! Take the money you're putting in the security packaging and give me an extra something something! Then I'll feel a little better at least when I finally get the frucker open!

Clean up your mess and show me, the consumer on the fence, some frickin respect!... Or else!

ok bye!