What's Happening!

Got some news....

Comedy Central wants to turn the toons into a friggin animated tv show! On the actual friggin TV! They've ordered up eight half-hour episodes for starters! Uh friggin huh!

Yeah. Tis weird, huh? Done deal for reals! Not sure when they're gonna be on the air yet but maybe as soon as the end of this year (unless I crash this whole thing into a tree along the way somehow) But we're getting started! It's been a kooky road to get here (I'll give y'all the whole story one day) and I'm so psyched Comedy Central came through to say the least! They are the frickin bestest! The people there are excellente and I'm not even just saying that because.

Wait...what?  a TV show? What? How the? Am I gonna be all Hollywood super sunglass mogul and all that? Running around in LA with Paris and stuff? Nope staying right here. (Although I can't speak for Mep. He already won't return my calls. Has his 'people' screening me out.) But I'm not moving anywhere. The show will be made in NYC :-) And I won't be doing it all myself neither- people will work on the show with me which is coolio! 

Hey! So what about the site? What about this place? No worries...It'll be the pretty much same ol' same ol'. I might be busier than usual but the site will keep going as it goes. I am working away on ze new toonage and got two new games for the site in the works too. One for Mep. One for Elf Up. I'll try to get everything done as soon as I can as always. Lots of stuff going on. I always start alot of things at the same time -once I get over being lazy. So thanks for yer patience. 

Anyway... hey! Am I rich now? Like a millionairino and stuff? Really totally not. No big bucks yet. But I'm sorta underwater in debt and this will help get my head up and above.  But whatever with that totally! When I started looking for a "job" I never dreamed that doing this would take its place.. plus I'm pretty low maintenance-- (can't speak for Mep tho. Just got a long list of ridiculous contract 'riders' from some lawfirm I never heard of..)

I'm a little nervous and a bit freaked out but I'll do my bestest and that's all I can and ever ask of me. All I can ask of you is to just keep checking in here. The 'what's happenings' might be a bit more interesting now and then and I get the feeling some of the daily facts will be coming from late late night tv. But this site still remains the most important thing to me. As this place has all changed my life in a way I never really imagined- and the last thing I'm gonna do is not be good to it. So no worries there.

And thanks to all of you for being so supportive all along. I have to stop writing now cause I'm getting faklempt and I don't want to make my big announcement all capped off with something all gushy emotional or whatever. So that's that with that for now. 

Keep sending in yer letters, and emails, and screwups, and recipes, and balls stories, and pet photos and boss from hells! And good vibes to ya! Good stuff coming soon!


Hey! I'm gonna make a frickin TV show! Who would have thunk it?! Tis gonna be way coolio! Stay tuned...

ok bye!


PS. Play in the Oscar pool. It's for a good cause..