Mad at Garbagey Ads Thrown All Over

I walked out on my front door today laying all over the stoop were three Path Mart supermarket advertising circular things. They're like mini-newspapers in a plastic bags all about the goings on in Path Mart with the coupons and stuff. Three of them! Once in a while I'll see how these things get delivered. Some dude with a shopping cart filled with them literally goes down the street throwing these things everywhere all willy nilly. All over people's steps. Sometimes they open up and the paper blows around or whatever. Path Mart isn't the only ones who do it. It's like every other day there's something from some place.

I usually end up bringing circulars or whatever into my apartment and throwing them out right away. I don't recycle them. Straight into the frickin garbage. I refuse to give them any more effort than picking them up and throwing them out. I don't ask for these things. Nobody asks for these things. I realize there might be some coupon cutters who like to go through these things or whatever- but what percentage is that 2%? 5%? If that...

I took a good look around the neighborhood today and this paper crap was everywhere. Like garbage. I was like UCH! My question is... Is this legal? Can you just huck stuff on people's stoops like this? Isn't it technically 'litter' because it's stuff thrown on the ground? What qualifies as littering? Not only is this like litter but litter trespassing right on my stoop? Right? Like say I have something I want to promote, like Mep underwear and Mep mugs, can I print up a newspaper circular, put it in a plastic bag and just throw em all over the neighborhood? Can I dump a pile of em on the ground in front of the Path Mart? They seem to think it's ok.

Anyway I got all bent about it today to the point where I felt like I was gonna do something about it. Maybe I'll get in touch with my local councilman or whatever and be like, listen up! Make these people stop throwing crap on my stoop! It's annoying and I don't ask for that! It uglies up the neighborhood too! Tell them I say stop!

But then I realized going to the point where I'm lodging complaints with the city might fall into grumpy old man territory and I backed off it. I wish I was more motivated when it comes to local revenge or local action - but usually I conk out once it moseys over into 'grumpy old man' stuff...

Maybe next week I'll do something about the Path Mart ads. I will be a little older next week... so I guess eventually I will.

ok bye!