Forgetting to Remember Stuff

My memory skills are messed up and annoying. I've never been good at remembering people's names. If I'm introduced to a room full of people I usually can't remember not one frickin name. Unless they have some kind of crazy name or a bad name. Other than that names go right through my ears. And it's not only with people I just meet. I can meet someone ten times and still be stumped every time I see them. This becomes a serious problem when you get caught up in having to introduce someone to someone. I've never been able to gracefully hide that I don't know what someone's name is. I'll throw out the 'Have you two met?' and pray they go for introducing themselves themselves. But sometimes they don't and then I'm totally snagged and out-ed as a name forgetter guy.

I can't seem to keep anything straight in my head because I think my head is cluttered up with stuff. It's like I can't remember names of people I know personally but I know J.Lo's ex-husbands name is Cris Judd.  I don't know the birthdays of any of my friends but I can remember random song lyrics to songs I don't even like. I can't even play my own Mep game beyond like level 10 or 11 without distracting myself trying to remember if I paid a bill or not. I never know because my mail is all over my apartment. I keep saying I should get the mail together and then I forget to do that.

I also lose my wallet and keys literally every single day. Before I leave my apartment I have a little keys and wallet hunt. Going through the pants I wore last night. Checking tables and under magazine and by the computer and in the kitchen. And every time I find them I think 'Oh yeah that's where I put them! I put them there so I wouldn't lose them! Right there on top of the fridge!'  I know there are two extra sets of keys hiding somewhere in this apartment right now but I haven't seen them in forever. 

I even do more dumb stuff sometimes like walking around my apartment with my phone in my hand... looking for the phone. Or looking for my glasses while I'm wearing them. (maybe I should get my prescription checked, eh?)

And now that I've been unemployed for so long (one year anniversary this month. thank you.) I find that I lose track of what the hell day it is often. Occasionally I get hit with the puzzling 'What month is this?' and once in a while I get the always frightening 'What the hell year is this again??' Sometimes it just feels like 2003 or 2001. 

But of course I'm never at a loss for useless trivia information or rattling off some Biggie Smalls lyrics that somehow ended up stuck in my messed up head. I definitely have a selective memory. I just wish it was a little more practical and not so friggin random. Maybe then I could get organized or at least know where the hell my wallet is..

ok bye!