I got an iPod Mini! One of the nice perks bout this website is when people click thru to buy one of my books or cds or whatever I get monay from amazon. It usually adds up to a couple hundred bucks every quarter which is way coolio. So once every few months I get to buy me presents! This time round I got me an iPod mini. I've had a 64MB mp3 player for a while which holds like 15 songs. My new iPod mini has 4GB which can hold like 1000 songs! I'm psyched! It's frickin small!

I haven't owned anything Apple since my 64 kb Apple II plus computer with double floppy drive and dotmatrix printer back in the day.  Anyway I got my iPod and I simply wasn't used to the 'friendly' nature of Apple stuff. The packaging was all fancy schmancy. Not the usual crap thrown into a box with packing material. So that was nice. But I didn't grasp the delicate nature of the iPod. I treated it very pc at first. I plugged in the USB cord and to get things set up and then I go to pull out the USB cord and it's like stuck. The plug is like totally stuck in! I'm like pulling on it hard and it won't come out. I'm think the thing is a P-O-S! I eventually stop pulling on the plug and start yanking on the cord to try and get it out! Hard! Like a dope! Finally I calm down and see there are little buttons on the side of the plug which releases it all nice nice. I felt stupid for being all violent with it.

Plus the buttons are all gentle like too. I'm so used to pushing on stuff hard to make things happen. Everything I've owned has had push down buttons that stick or whatever. So immediately I'm all pushing the buttons hard. It took me some time to calm down and figure out it's all about soft touch and nice fingertippy birdlike stuff. It was kind of interesting sort of like a different experience.

It's all well and good and this iPod is way cool. The only thing is I'm not sure I prefer the convenience of sensitivity over the mashmash push yank situation I'm used to. At least I know when I'm doing something for sure and know when something is broken for sure. I've been treating this iPod thing like it's made of glass. Feels weird to hold and be concerned about it. I'm used to just tossing electronics in my bag and not caring about them.

I think I gotta rough it up and see if it can take it... so I can feel more comfortable with our man/machine relationship..

ok bye!


PS it's always gotta be something http://www.ipodsdirtysecret.com/