So tonite I checked out the fridge for a little snacky snack and saw that I had these frozen egg rolls. I decided to go for it. I was psyched! They were mini and I set plans to eat the whole box of them. Something about them being mini made them wholeboxeatable. Anyway I got out my tinfoil and followed the directions. Preheat oven to 400. Done. Spread the eggrolls out on tinfoil. OK. Cook for 10 minutes. Coolio! I open the oven door and notice there's something in there already. Oh, it's only my.. BIG TIN OF CHICKEN PARM FROM LIKE THREE WEEKS AGO THAT I LEFT IN THERE TO KEEP WARM AFTER EATING LIKE HALF OF IT! EW! It's not like the oven has been on the whole time. But it's been sitting in there. Growing oldly and moldly. Here it is in all its glory in the trash!:

EWWW! Frickin EW! My kitchen has been smelling a little weird but nothing serious recently. I've just been taking out my trash alot because I figure I became sensitive to smelly trash or whatever. Ew! I'm kind of a slob but a neat freak when it comes to food. I'm totally scared of bugs so I'm like careful to never leave food out ever! And here I was leaving a whole tin of parm out for three weeks! Frickin ew! Plus I was this close to microwaving the egg rolls which means that chicken parm would still be in there now! For how much longer! I dunno! And when I took it out of the oven I held it by the corner and almost accidentally dropped the whole thing on the floor! If I'd have done that I'd have to just pack up and move!

But I'm over it. The eggrolls were good. And I've learned a lesson about leaving things in the oven to 'keep warm' if you have a shoddy memory...


ok bye!


PS. Also I took some pictures this week while walking around. Here's some of em.