Supported Criminal Activity

So today I was heading down to the subway and I needed to buy a new metro card because mine had $0.00. There's no token booth in my station stop- only two computer machines that spit out metrocards for money. So I go up to one machine and it's got a big 'windows NT' error which was weird to see because it's like a touchscreen machine. Whatever. I step to the next one and all the choices were like frozen. Like I clicked on 'Buy New Card' but nothing happened. I was stabbing at the screen with my finger but the thing was totally locked up.  And now I hear my train coming. F**k! I was gonna miss it! And it's not even like I can jump the turnstile because it's like a big revolving cage not a turnstile.

Anyway, I fly into a panic. I really hate missing trains. The next station is like three blocks away. I can't believe that I'm actually stuck this way. No tokens. No way in. Then this dude who was hanging out saw that was I'm in half a panic and asks if I wanted to just buy a fare off of his card. I thought that was nice. The subway costs two dollars. So I gave him the two and got thru the gate just in time to catch the train.

I sat down and looked back at the guy through the train window. He wasn't trying to catch the train. He was just hanging out by the machines. And as the train pulled away it hit me... That guy is a tech savvy hoodlum! He broke the computers somehow! And waited for people like me! So he can sell fares for two dollars! And I'm sure he's using an 'unlimited weekly' card or whatever so he's making the full $2.00 of the deal! I was on to him! I supported crime! That guy screwed up the machines! At my stop! Bastardo!

But then again I did catch my train and it didn't cost me any extra... NO! It's wrong you supported crime! ....but i caught my train! But it's criminal activity! ... but i was happy to catch the train! But he broke the machines! But but... Good scam. Bad man.

ok bye!