Still Stupid

So yesterday I was running around doing errands and I walked by one of these street sale tables that had a whole bunch of cordless phones on it. I've been thinking bout getting a new cordless phone and notice that one of the phones looks kinda good. It looks just like my old phone which was a good phone that died. A Sony. Anyway this phone isn't not in a box or anything but it's wrapped in plastic, it has a plug and a battery wrapped in there along with an instruction booklet. I logicized that even if the phone even works halfwell it could be a good thing and I can put off getting a new phone till whenever. Like maybe it could be a backup phone or something. Maybe it's a bargain?  A good Sony phone could go for $100+ or whatever.

I asked the dude how much for the phone. He took of his headphones and said $20 then put his headphones back on. I looked at it some more. I wasn't gonna pay $20 but I decided I would pay $10. I looked at the phone. It looked like it had been cleaned up a bit but it had some scratches and stuff. I said $10. He said, 'What?' and took off his headphones. I said, 'Ten?' He said, '15' That's all I can do. I said '12?' He was sort of pissed but agreed and put his headphones back on. I gave him the $12.

I get the phone home (ET phone home?) and unwrap the plastic and see that the instruction booklet has nothing to do with the Sony phone. It's for some other phone a completely different brand. V-Tech.  Uh oh. Then I see the battery looks suspiciously small for the phone. An indeed there was a reason for that- being that this was a Sony phone and the battery was Panasonic! Totally wrong! Then I look at the plug and that's just some standard 9 volt thing. Mo fo! Horrible purchase! F! I decided I was going to march down the street and frickin smash this thing right in front of the table with the ripoff phones! And alert the people that these guys sell bogus phones!

Then I decided I wasn't going to do that. I was kinda scared of the guy who sold it to me. He had a teardrop tattoo under his eye. And I know that means something and that something's not good. So maybe affecting his business would be a bad call. And to get pummeled over a $12 ripoff phone seemed not worthy. Plus it was long walk back to ask him about his return policy. So that was that with that.

I just don't know where my bad logic floats in and tells me things like this $12 phone sold to me by teardrop guy is actually going to be ok. Friggin duh! I declare this is the last time I'm dumb that way! It has been declared, so it is written, and so it will be forgotten.

ok bye!