Coolio Prince Story

I seen Prince (prince the musician prince) talking on the tv last night so I figure I'd tell my one coolio Prince story.

Years ago I guess like 1994-5 I took a trip to England with a buddy of mine just to run around or whatever. I'd never been there before. Anyway we were both big Prince fans we were psyched to see that he was playing at Wembley Stadium. He was touring for his new album The Gold Experience. So we catch the show in the stadium and he plays like crazy. He had one of those like funky shaped guitars and after one song he just smashed one on stage. I was like cool! Prince smashed his curly guitar! Gotta like that! He sounded great too.

We had heard that sometimes Prince does like 'aftershow' gigs in small clubs alot but we were way too uncool and out of the know to know where and when. But during the show at Wembley some chick passed a note to us that said 'Aftershow gig at the Emporium'. We freaked out and passed the note along. Could that be real? Did it mean the Prince show? Who wrote that note? After the concert ended we found out where the Emporium was and raced over there. We got there around midnite. It was a smallish but decent sized club with a small stage. The place wasn't crowded but the stage looked like it was set up for a show. I doubted it was for Prince because the place seemed whatevery or whatever. But we got a couple beers and just hung out for a while.

Slowly the club started filling up. And filling up. And filling up. 1AM. 2AM. All of a sudden I saw there were like ridiculous models everywhere. Frickin beautiful chicks. So beautiful that I literally couldn't even look at them without staring stupified. I was like holy macaroni! This gotta be the aftershow gig! By 3AM the club had filled to the point where I couldn't even move. I had to stop drinking anything because if I had to pee it would be a serious problem. Seriously packed.

Around 3AM Prince walked out on stage. I was close enough to see 'Slave' written on his face (which was the style at the time- for him). He starts playing with the band and I can honestly say it was the most disgusting display of talent I'd ever seen. I felt like puking in awe. That's how good he was. He played for hours. Tons of stuff. Electric. He played different instruments. Crazy energy.  And I was standing so close I could have chucked a bottle and hit him in the head I wanted to. And it was loud. Way wayway loud. 

Finally around 6:00AM we were frickin zonked and had to leave. Prince still going strong. This was after playing a whole concert at Wembley. It was ridiculous. A song ended and we headed for for the door. We finally reached one spot where like no one was standing. It was like a cleared area in the crowd. So we walked through that open space and that's when the next song started and we found out why no one was standing there. The speaker volume. The guitar chord starting the new song was so loud it made my teeth rattle in my head. We dove back into the crowd and out the door. Frickin absolutely floored by the freakish spectacle that was Prince.

ok bye!