Corneater Curbtripper

So I was walking around in midtown the other day with a friend of mine and this oldish dude tripped on the curb and fell down right in front of us. He was walking along and eating corn on the cob and talking on his cell phone when he caught a toe and went down hard. His bag of stuff spilled out and his corn went rolling. It's weird when you see someone fall down. To me it always seems to happen in slow motion. And it looks like a prat fall or something. Anyway the guy looks up and we see that he hit his nose on the curb because big drops of blood were coming out. Yikes! Blood! I reach down to help him up and he latches onto my arm to pull himself up. I was like Whoa! This guy is like hurt. There's blood coming out of his nose! and I'm involved!

Anyway he gets to his feet and he's just standing there not saying anything. We ask if he's ok. He doesn't say anything. He seemed a little shocked out and he was using his corn napkin to control his nose bleed. There was pieces of buttery corn like all over his face and hands and his glasses are on crooked and the whole sight of him was pretty uch with the blood and all. Anyway, a small crowd has gathered around and people are helping gather up his stuff or whatever. NYC is cool that way. People can be dicks all day but if someone falls in the street everyone stops to help out. Anyway, my friend had some napkins on him and offered them to the guy but he ignored us. Because Mr. Nosebleed here was all caught up with checking his cell phone messages or something! He's like got one hand to his face with the nose bleed and the other he's punching away on his keypad for whatever reason. He wouldn't even look at us. Just his cellphone. All poking away at it. Was he text messaging to someone, 'ROTFL! I jst totaly wiped out!' Or what?

I look at this guy and I can't figure out if he's ok or what. What's with the cellphone? Why doesn't he even look at us? What am I supposed to do? He seemed ok. Maybe I should just wander off I guess? But I felt weird just walking away from some oldish dude who fell in the street and was bleeding. Is he my responsibility now? Just because I was closest when he wiped out? Then friggin out of the friggin blue two paramedic dudes come walking right up. It was like holy macaroni! Where did those dudes come from? Total stroke of luck! And they took over the situation totally and we wandered away.

I was really glad the paramedic dudes were right there. That rocked. Cause it was really nice to be able to wander away from the scene of an accident guilt-free.

ok bye!