Over Underarm Deodorant

So I have an issue when it comes to new products. I usually always want to try whatever it is. And for years I've been nuts with underarm deodorants because underarm deodorants have gone nuts. Gels, stripes, sports, sprays, different shapes and sizes and colors! I try a new one every time. I go down the aisle with my basket and stare at all the new ones for a while then pick the weirdest one.

I've tried em all. 'Power Stripe' to see how much power and how much stripe. Weird color to the gel or whatever with the push up thing squirty. Roll on newness. Weird shape. Let's see. But there's been a problem from all this switching around. My underarms have a hard time adjusting. It's usually fine at first, but eventually they end up getting itchy or allergic to the new kind- and by the time it's done I'm full out like hating it all itchy. So I switch and trade up for the brighter and weirder type deodorant. Eventually itchy again. Maybe I'm allergic to 'cool' or 'power' but it's been a problem for a while. My underarms are weird to start in the first place because I never got any hair under my arms so maybe they're just extra sensitive or something.

Finally a few months ago I bought Old Spice. Original straight out Old Spice. And you know what? No itchy! No more allergicnessicity! Sure it's not striped and no weird blue gel and whatever- plus my dad used Old Spice but I don't care! I bought it 2x in a row! I like it now and I'm done playing in the underarm roulette! I'm sticking with Old Spice (so to speak). And I get the feeling that I might have settled into a product I might use for good. Old Spice! I don't want the itching weirdness any more. I'm over it! And I like the smell too! So feh!

Maybe me getting mature about products and developing a loyalty like that is maybe a sign of being a grownup. No more childish jumping around from deodorant to deodorant. Those days are probably over. I really don't mind. Maybe it's time. But did it have to be "Old Spice" that made me grow up a little?

ok bye!


PS. I got a brand new toothpaste which I like alot! Scope/Crest gel toothpaste! Doesn't clump up in your mouth or fall off the brush! It rules!...  for now.

PPS. Also here's smore new pics for ya this week.