Trick Chair's Swan Song

So today my family came to visit me. Nephews and parents and everyone. When I have a bunch of people in my apartment I have to bust out extra chairs because I have bean bag chairs and stuff. Anyway we were all sitting around and I went into the bedroom to get an extra chair. I grabbed the one in the corner that I mainly use to throw clothes on. This chair is sorta messed up and the back legs sometimes give out like a trick chair or something if you lean back. But I figured since I was going to be the one to sit in it I'd just remind myself not to lean back.

Eventually I got up and my brother sat in it and I told him to be careful not to lean back in the chair. He gave me a look like.. 'serious?' I was like 'yeah...' So he didn't lean back. Later on I'm hanging out with my nephews in the other room or whatever and spaced on the bad chair being out in the open. All of a sudden I hear a surprised 'Oooh!' And I look over and see my mom falling backwards in the chair as the legs give out. She lands up against a bookcase I have on the floor- which of course isn't screwed into the wall or anything and the bookcase gives a little wobble. Easily could have come down pouring books all over Mom- which would have been bad.  But it didn't and my mom was fine (she's tough. she's from the Bronx).

But I'm thinking back to my logic as to why I would bring a broken chair into the room. Why would I think no one else would sit in the chair? Granted the legs of the chair don't always go out but I know it's known to do that. Why not bring out my computer chair? Or the folding chair? The trick chair was closest so I guess I just grabbed it without thinking but I've had this chair for a while -and I've gone down while sitting in it a few times before. So you might ask why keep a chair around that is all screwed up broken like that? I dunno actually. I guess cause it seemed good for clothes. But considering I can't trust my brain with logic and memory it's time for it to go.

So say bye bye to trick chair. Here it be in the hall waiting for the curbside checkout:

Sorry ma! Ok bye!


PS. if you were wondering if it just needs to be screwed tighter it's more broken than that. the metal itself is broken.