Three Bar Flies

Last night I went out with a couple friends of mine for dinner and then we decided to go to a bar to "pick up chicks". Now I really don't recall a time when any of the three of us actually succeeded in picking up a chick, but I guess it's a good excuse to go to the bar. None of us are great at approaching people cold so we usually just sort of stand around or sit around and talk which is fine.

So last night we get to the bar and it's sort of crowded. We order up some drinks and we found some empty space up against the wall. We scoped out the place and there were girls here and there and we'd talk about how we should go talk to girls or which girls we should talk to and then we'd drink our drinks then we'd be like, 'Let's go over there...' and then we'd go over there and look around but everyone seemed to be in groups or couples and stuff. No stray girls to talk to anywhere which was a relief in some weird way. So then we'd mosey back over and stand by the wall and look around some more at this and that. Then I put some money in the jukebox and picked some songs. 

Finally after a couple drinks we decided that the bar totally sucked and decided to get out of there. I figure at my age I'd be at a point where I'd be more comfortable talking to chicks when I go out- but it never got any easier. It's not that I'm totally insecure. I'm actually pretty secure in my insecurity. And I'd think it would be easier by now because I've learned that the times when I do pull it together to say hello to someone it usually works out ok with at least a halfway decent conversation. It's rare that I'll get the total snub or someone is mean or whatever- but for whatever reason I always feel like I'm either disturbing someone or I'm about to go up and talk to some guy's girlfriend or I'm the weird guy with glasses coming atcha in the bar or whatever. 

So we stay against the wall and discuss strategy and options and usually don't act on any of it. Which is fine because I'm used to it and we always have a totally good time when we go out no matter what. But to you chicks out there, if you're sitting at a bar and you see three guys standing up against the wall. Consider coming over and saying hi. They might be more interesting than the guy who'll come up to you without any hesitation... maybe.

ok bye!